Falling Leaves     Hampton Court 2012     Gold 

The design of the garden was a response to urban spaces that are often overlooked by others;
control of the space and a skyward focus are important aspects of the design, plants become
part of the structural elements of the garden creating a green, reflective urban retreat.

Reflected in the strong vertical and horizontal lines is a love of Modernist architecture, in
particular of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Fallingwater’.

Once within, the space encourages you to pause, to look down to discover, to look up and
contemplate the beauty of the sky.

Pause, reflect and consider; together with the woodland feel of the planting are inspired by
lying in a wood …just watching stuff …with a five year old …for ridiculously long periods of time. 



Shades of Barragán     Hampton Court 2008     Silver Gilt


The design of the garden is inspired by the work of the Mexican architect Luis Barragán. His mastery of colour, light and space engenders a sense of tranquility throughout his buildings and landscapes. He stressed his desire ‘to create serenity’ with careful use of strong colour rather than an ‘indiscriminate palette’.

The simplicity of both line and materials is the key to the design which sets out to demonstrate that a calming, refreshing atmosphere can be achieved in a small space. The objective was to create a tranquil retreat for a busy individual.

Desirelines, Awards: Hampton Court Desirelines, Awards: Hampton Court Desirelines, Awards: Hampton Court
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